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Here’s a question you should ask yourselves before you read any further.

  • Why do a certification?
    • Your chop-shop’s vacillation?
    • Branded ambition?
    • Events mischief?
    • Money intrigue?
    • Brand pomposity?
    • Or your blind stupidity?

Don’t get lost in the mad rat race. If you want to learn SAP, don’t do it for the necessity of doing it.

Are you a student? 

We are here to help students, consultants, and beginners learn all about SAP. Curated courses by successful product experts, exclusively selected by our A-team. Professionally trained Instructors. Each course is like an interactive textbook, featuring pre-recorded videos, quizzes, and projects. Explore our SAP materials.

Are you an instructor?

We are looking for existing companies, organisations or entrepreneurs that would like to be involved with our initiative. If you are interested please send a summary email to info@learnsap24x7.com with the subject line “SV”. This should contain a brief overview of your company or organisation, relevant experience, main stakeholders and why you are interested in this educational initiatives. If your application is of interest we will be in contact with you within a working week.

Best Wishes, LEARNSAP24x7.

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