5 Ways Startups Can Take the Lead

If you want to do something right, you’ll want to do it well from the start. When you’re trying to lead your small business, those first few months are critical. They’ll form your employees’ first impressions and can have a lasting Impact on what they think of you and your company. Here are a few things you can do to make sure those Impressions are positive and helpful:

Start Slow

There is a saying in the military that goes “Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast”. What it means is that when you do things slowly and smoothly to begin with, you’ll eventually get Into a rhythm or level of competency that will allow you to do things quickly. This is the approach you must use with your small business’s employees. You can’t expect them to perform well out of the gates They’ll need to learn howthe business’s systems should function, and you’ll need to learn how to manage your new team. Once you settle Into a rhythm, then you can start expecting bigger things

Settle Systems immediately

The sooner you have solid systems in place, the sooner everyone can acclimate to your company’s practices. While there will be a period of testing to see Mat works for what you have, you must keep that period short. The more often you shift gears, the more mistakeswill be made, and the more stressed your workers will be a good way to do this is to sort out what’s working and set that aside. Focus on improving or changing parts of the company that are falling behind or underperforming.

Stress the Importance of Flexibility

One of the greatest advantagesyour small business has Is Its flexibility. You don’t have as much red tape as larger companies, so you can read to emergencies and industry changes fasterthan they can. Make sure your employees understand how important this is by keeping fleAble yourself. Be there when things go wrong, whether it’s something as big as misidentifying your target market, or something as small as an employee argument.

Establish Lines of Communication

Communication Is a tremendous part of a successful small business, and one of the first things you should do when you first open your office i s to establish lines of communication. This means establishing trust between you and your employees. Transparency and integrity are key to this effort.

For starters, you can enact an open-policy, allowing employees to speak with you as necessary. You can support this by keeping everyone updated on the small business’s status and progress, which generates accountability and transparency. The more the employees know about the company’s comings and goings, the more trust they’ll put into it.

Establish the Importance of Linking Product Development and Marketing

You can’t let your employees work in their own departmentswithout regard for the rest of the company. Just because each department is doing well individually doesn’t mean the small businessWO do well. Make sure everyone is on the same page to promote maximum productivity and company unity. How you establish yourself as a leader In the first 3 months is critical to positioning yourself as a leader. if you can’t, your small business will lack guidance and direction. Not having that will doom it to failure.


Tips to Kick-Ass your Ecommerce Conversions

Creating an online business can be an exhilarating experience. You think you’re on your way to recurring revenues and a lifetime of passive income. Once you realize truckloads of money aren’t being deposited at your door, you realize it is time to get serious about customer conversions This article offers insights on nine ways e-commerce business owners can improve their conversion rates Read on to discover helpful tips that can significantly boost your online sales.

  1. Website name secured. Check.
  2. Website theme chosen. Check.
  3. Product chosen. Check.

If the aforementioned components are in place, you are probably thinking you are well on your way to e-commerce success. Sony to burst your bubble, but you won’t get anywhere without a customer conversion strategy in place. While setting up an online business Is an exhilarating first step, it is just the beginning of your journey to dependable profits. You need to develop a plan of action that focuses on converting each customer who visits your online store. To ensure you are on your way to phenomenal conversion rates, the following nine tips need to be Integrated into your business-building strategy: 1) Ask customers to leave helpful reviews on Yelp and Google My Business. E-commerce companies with high approval ratings tend to have higher conversion rates than those with no online reviews. The more details your customers can leave, the more Impact their reviews are likely to have. 2) A growing number of consumers are shopping via their mobile device.

Building a profitable e-commerce store doesn’t have to mean creating your own products and packing & shipping them yourself. Thanks to the growing number of drop-shipping options, today’s e-commerce merchant can build a bustling business with little stock on hand. Not only is SAP Inventory management a breeze, so is store maintenance and customer outreach, specifically for Shopify merchants. If you want to increase your e-commerce revenues without increasing your business headaches at the same time, try using small hacks. Click here to read more on Vendor Evaluation.

Shopify FD Dashboard Tool

The Shopify FD Dashboard Tool is a must-discover Chrome extension for Shopify merchants. This top-rat ed extension offers a number of tempting features including an inline meta-field editor, bilk meta-field addition capabilities, shortcut buttons, and the option to upload bulk assets In a single action.

E-Mail Marketing

According to data from TechMayan’s research, 26% of marketers surveyed felt that email marketing outreach would increase by 2020. If you’re a business owner who also believes that the popularity of email marketing will continue to grow, it is imperative you understand the many benefits of building relationships via email outreach. One of the biggest benefits of email marketing Is that It Increases connections with your target audience. Consumers who have offered you their email address are happy to hear from you If you offer helpful, Informative content. Sending email newsletters filled with intriguing Information they can use in their daily lives builds a bond with your recipients that is the basis for an ongoing relationship. Email outreach Is a phenomenal way to encourage engagement.



Business 101 – Work Smarter, Not Harder

Businesses succeed when they work smarter rather than harder. Toiling for mall results is pointless. However, you can be astute and make wise decisions about how you work, saving time and energy while expanding your business.

Working smarter, not harder

Is about getting maximum results from minimum effort. it’s also about making wise decisions that ensure your business flourishes. If you don’t, you’ll spend longer reaching goals. Years ago, people thought hard graft was needed to make businesses thrive. The more hours you toiled, the better. Now, managers understand that to make their companies more profitable they have to be astute. With these tips, you no longer need to work overtime for paltry results and can employ savvy strategies to improve your business on every level.

Daily questions

Each day consider important questions to aid productivity and effectiveness, like “What will help my company evolve most right now?’ Something will set progress in motion. Once you know what it Is, you can get to work, gaining a momentum of success. Another question to consider is ‘Which area of my business am I neglecting?’ There are aspects of your job you love, but others you put off because you don’t enjoy them. Procrastination will make you stressed and challenges bigger.

Outsource to experts

You might be fantastic at what you do best, but there are areas of your work where you don’t shine. Don’t be afraid to outsource, gaining help to grow your business using experts There’s no shame in seeking professional assistance. Indeed, smart people get what they want fast because they make use of others skills. Increase employee commitment Want dedicated employees? Then make your workforce well fed appreciated and keep them happy. They’ll take fewer days off sick and work harder for you. You might share your profits with them as an incentive, and get to know them on a personal level. Monthly retreats and a relaxed dress code will make them feel valued and comfortable.

How IT Professionals Need to Keep Up with the Times

The IT industry is one of the fastest-moving enterprises on the planet, with an ever-growing web of certifications and credentials that cover ever-more complicated operating systems and hardware architecture. IT employees are constantly assessed and reassessed on their skills as well as their knowledge base. Whether it is the prevalence of ever-shrinking mobile devices, constantly-updated software, or cloud computing taking over local systems, it can be tough to keep up.

Like it or not, continuous professional development and lifetime learning is what every IT professional has signed up for when they first get their foot In the door. The skills and core competencies of last year may be the same as this year, but they are very unlikely to stay the same in the years to come. Keeping up with the trends of the industry requires much more than just reading the trades every so often.

Learning and development will often have to take place in off-work hours when you would rather be enjoying your free time. While IT positions are often problem-solving careers that are kept busy by things going wrong, one of the most important qualities required of the position is a commitment to constant innovation. Keeping up with the speed of innovation can take many forms,but here are a few suggestions that might help to keep skills sharp:

  • Joining a committee or industry forum
  • Doing independent research on the cutting edge of the industry
  • Pursuing academic study or continuing education opportunities
  • Keeping up with the joblessness in IT isn’t easy, but it is possible.

An IT Professional who takes the time to expand their horizons a little each day by learning something new will soon find that they are the one who everyone else comes to when it seems like the landscape is shifting beneath their feet. If you are looking to upskill your SAP career, join SAPVARSITY.

How Entrepreneurs Must Manage Fear?

Here’s 6 important tips that will help entrepreneurs manage fear.

Fear is almost an unavoidable part of being an entreprenuer. It is due many factor from the inherent instability involved in startups, to the volatile and mercurial nature of the markets. This is good news. Fear keeps you on your toes and aware of threats to your company. Unfortunately, this can easily keep you from performing well if not managed. Here are a few important tips that will help you keep the fear under control.

1. You Can Always Find Time

Time is limited, and it is going to feel like there is never enough in the day to get what you want. It is one off the most common fears and unfortuntely, sometimes there isn’t time for everything. There will be times when you can’t attend to your children because you’re needed at the office, and vice versa.

Fortunately, that wont be always be true and you don’t always need swaths of free time.

In every day there is time to rest, time where you will find yourselves doing nothing. For many, it is on the daily commute. For others, because they are fortunate to enough to have sufficient staff members. You don’t need 5 hours to learn something new. Even setting aside 30 minues of your day can make you more productive over time.

2. It gets easier.

Everything is scary when you first begin. You have nothing to base your current status on, which means you’re never sure if you are doing well or if you are missing out on something important. This lack of information can breed a lot of fear, and this is often no solution aside from finding a mentor with experience.

The good news is, it is not always going to be that way. While brand new problems will arise in every step, its going to get easier. You are going to be more experienced, wiser, and emotionally and mentally more prepared to deal with those issues. The longer you are in the business, the more you are capable you’ll be.

3. Enjoy the journey

Becoming an entrepreneur is an intimidating task. There’s a lot that will stand in your wat from the start, and those threats will only gow as time grows on. However, that’s not necessarily something to fear. If approached correctly, it can serve as the spark that will ignite your creativity and skill.

Approaching it properly means remembering that those challenges are expected to be part of being an entrepreneur. Though the details vary, everyone goes through the same challenges,and many have succeeded. Enjoy the journery and you can keep the fear at bay.

4. Adaptation & Flexibility

Things change everyday when you are the boss of your ownself. What seemed to be a good idea a month ago may become a backbreaking mistake. You many find that the market you were targeting was the wrong one, and a pivot is required to save the company. It is scary, and that many things are so changable, but fortunately one of the greatest strengths of having a startup is the flexibility.

Nothing is set in stone for your company. And, if you are small enough that any red tape you need to cut through can be quickly handled. If you need to pivot or change you can work on your marketing strategy, you can do that in a heartbeat.

5. Mistakes Have Value.

No one likes making mistakes, especially in public setting, and there is nothing quite as in business. Even a small mistake can make you feel unqualified to lead. Unfortunately, when you are afraid to make small mistakes, your hamstring of startup’s potential, you will shy away from taking those risks, and risks may lead to startup’s success.

To handle the fear of making mistakes, there are 2 things you need to remember. First, nobody is perfect, and you will make mistakes that are unavoidable. So, its in the best of your interests to brace yourself emotionally. The second thing to remember is to there’s always something to learn, and nothing makes a lesson more memorable that a mistake. Since errors will happen, you will well squeeze as much as value from them as possible.

6. Embrace Your Passion

Nothing pushes away fear like passsion. When you want something hard enough, you will go through hell to get it. You will stand up to the challenges of a startup that will throw at you becuase they are standing between you and the dream.

Dont’ let the daily grind make your forget why you are doing this. Put up reminders everywhere of what you want if you have to. The momemnt you forget is the moment your performance start’s hiccuping. If you want to be successful enterprenuer, you must learn to manage your fear. Fear will be constant passenger,so the sooner you learn the better.

How to cope with investment anxiety

… For most people there investments are a significant source of stress. This is especially true during economicaly turbulent times when the value of your portfolio can drop substantially.

Stressing out on about your investments can lead to poor decision making, and can cost strain on your health and family relationships. Here are some tips that can help you cope up with the anxiety during periods of high volatility.

Remind yourself of the facts

Take a look at your portfolio and remind yourself why you are invested in these positions. Perhaps it is because a corporation has a solid reputation, and a history of earnings, or maybe it is done well for you in the past. It may help you re evaluate the reasoning behind owning each investment.

If you are reasoning is still valid then there is no reason to make any changes. Safest of the stocks can decline over short term and that simply is the nature of markets. Reminding yourself out the fax can prevent you from doing something irrational, such as selling a good investment at a loss.

Stay invested

When times get tough you might be tempted to cash out on your Investments cut out your losses. Probably the worst mistake you can make during a market downturn. By pulling out of the market, not only will your paper losses be realized, but you will miss the opportunity to recover these losses when the markets inevitably recover.

Remind yourselves of your financial goals and focus on the big picture. The best defense against a volatile market is to stay invested and weather the storm.

Pay your debts ontime

Investing in market is not the only way to earn a return on your money. If the markets are too volatile for you, consider paying down your debts instead. The return you earn is effectively the interest rate that you avoid paying on the principal. Paying down debt is a guarenteed return on your money and can help you ease your mind during turbulent times.

Turn down the noise

Many invesrtors find themselve overwhelmed with the amount of information that is out in the market. The truth is that most of the information is irrelevant to you, and this is doubly true during financial crisis.

Reading news paper reprots, and predicting every day on how the markets will come crashing down will do little to relieve your anxiety. Focus on what’s important for your investmennts and ignore the rest.

Speak to a financial advisor

If you are anxious about your investmennts, speak to a qualified financial consultant. Every person’s financial situation is different, and having good investmennt plan that you can stick to is essential during tough times. If you find the market voltality overwhelming, your portfolio may be too aggressive. Review your asset allocation, and ensure that it is compatible with risk tolerance.

Investing over the long term is difficult, and you will undoubtely experience multiple market downturns during this time. The markets are inherently volatile and no one can reliably predict when and where the next financial crisis will happen. Spending your nights worrying about your investmennts won’t make it grow any faster. Instead, educate yourselves and focus on the long term and your anxiety will diminish over time.

CyberTim’s Security Tips to Protect your Enterprise IT

Hello, I am cyber-security specialist Tim.

I am penning down a few notes about how you can secure your enterprise servers from attacks.

Zero-Day Attack

By utilising methods, to gain access, that no one knows about, hackers gain access to critical enterprise data, and such an attack  poses a security risk companies data. There are thousands of security test potentially facing your organisation. Everyday there are group of hackers who try to steal corporate data, breach the enterprise security, and keep the company at ransom.

Even if it has not only had the businesses, it largely affects the customers and the confidence they had on enterprise. One of the most dangerous types of thread is called as zero day attack. It is a form of a most plan and attack against your organisation, by utilising methods which have never been identified by the security researches prior to that period.

Are called zero days because organisations responsible for the security updates have never been aware of such a threat “0 days” prior to the first attack. These incidence are extremely dangerous because the user completely new method or root which causes extreme damage, and losses for enterprise companies.

Researchers continue to spend critical time working on a solution where the threat continuous to be unchecked. Wild nature of zero day attack make some difficult to prepare for, there are overall guidelines and best practices that will help your businesses maintain a strong security posture that allows you to mitigate the damage caused by them. One is to ensure every application and anti virus definitions are up-to-date.

While zero day attacks by definition utilise threat vectors that have not been patched out,. We’re still a good idea to keep your software updated in case of an attack. And the payload security flower which has not been resolved by an update. Automating this process with tools aur scheduled task makes it even more effective. If an emergency parts is released overnight to address a new thread the system can already have its install before you even aware of an issue.

You should make sure the PC is are configured and automatically download and install the security updates that you send out. Giving uses the option to decline updates is a serious security issue since you know they are just keeping hitting the usual ‘remind me’ later. Instruct the users to intimate your cyber support provider to install patches, and keep every servers updated, so as at the end of each shift or at least reboot them so that security patches can be installed in a timely manner.


Did you know a new kind of attack called spearfishing leverages on to your enterprise customer service orientation against itself? Spearfishing is one of the newest and most successful type of enterprise hacking attack being deployed by group of anonymous hackers against large enterprises. A variant on the traditional fishing attack, in which spam emails are sent out randomly with fraudulent offers as popular as axis rewards, spearfishing attacks are more crafty. Om David that they can gather through public sources, probably through the target helpful and customer centric business website, along with some judicious social engineering, hackers can pull off cIBIL business email messages in simple English, answer the most appropriately legitimate internal partner are customer accounts.

This may be done using traditional hacking to gain access to those accounts setting up a domain name that has one letter different from the original name. For example – IBM.com instead of lBM.com the numeral in the fake website. There are no technical defences against by phishing attacks, however it is of the utmost importance for any organisation to to have an effective policy against any type of such hacking attacks. And, now there are more complex ones. Thanks to unicode based URLs, which can make you click on links that are only visibly hacked to the trained eye. Keep reading our blog for more updates.

Raising Startup Capital: Can you return 2-3x? Get Funded by a VC

.. If you have just gotten up a startup, and perhaps making a little profit, the chances are that you would be burning a lot of cash in marketing efforts, I am promotional activities, apart from paying your regular employees. The chances are would be intending to find a good investor.

After all more money you put into the business at and the startup the better are the chances. How are finding venture capitalist age is probably a bad move. It may seem counter integrative, but in general venture capital does come with a very high price tag. With equity less than 51%, you end up having no control. When you accept a venture capital, you are trading control of the company for someone else money.

Is Venture capital is Trojan horse?

The odds are that it is already against you. There are very few startups raised profits, as claimed. Few startups ever turn into profits, they have follow on Investments. If you have a vision of a company’s business strategy, you may likely become frustrated unable to implement it. When you sell out your a equity to someone else, the chances are your startup, would probably inclined to work for their favour, rather than yours. Funding is one of the foremost asked on your mind as a small business owner. It quessential to liase with the right venture funding team to protect your business.

No money no company

Unfortunately bootstrapping isn’t always viable and sometimes its couple do the traditional lenders giving you cold shoulder. You probably try venture capitalist, but it’s not easy group to attract.

Innovative and unique idea

Venture capital is our condition towards failure. 9 out of 10 of their investments are expected to fail at early, and they want to make up the rest with the Last of it. Despite, VCs wont just join up with any company. A VC wants striking and unique ideas. You they want something that’s never been done before they wouldn’t be looking at small businesses. The idea has to be sustainabilite. A few of the products are great at the moment. But there is a risk rapidly at pace, with the chances of becoming obsolete for one reason or be another

Sometimes it’s due to eminent and technological advances. And sometimes it’s due to rapidly developing market. Whatever is the case you be hard pressed attract venture capitalist into your business if your product works short term.

Great business partners

The people running the company are just as important to the venture capitalist, as the idea behind it. Your partners are responsible for their money. VCs don’t trust your cash if you don’t have the right skill. No VC would join you if you and your partners, are not able to continue a meaningful relationship.

Potential for return of investment

Venture capitalist are not there because they like you. They are here to make money and the most often to make it within a very short time frame. And, all you don’t need to make money overnight, but just show them the fact you can happen one day. Profit projections backed up by initial sales and market response is a big help. The focus on showing them the numbers is you are number one priority

Don’t use emotions. No one is fairly interested in any.

Prove them that your businesses can make money. Nobody wants a guarantee they just want the odds in their favour. Your products have to sell, and that’s also your common problems. The best way to determine whether or not a product has a bright future to do if it’s also solves a common problem

While market means a lot of potential revenue which attracts venture capitalist. You are small business might not have a product that has a white reach so you will have to show them the market that does exist is big enough to promise then great returns. New market research and show them the numbers to convince from your company’s viability.

Attracting venture capitalist to your small businesses is not impossible but it is very difficult. Less than 1% of the small business actually do get into venture capital don’t put all hope on them. There are 20 ways to get your money for your business but you have to go there and look. Good luck and keep reading to write this back in case you have found our articles useful. Subscribe to our blog and keep receiving newsletters. We wish you all the best ahead.

Marketing Your Lean Startup!

… Marketing a Startup is the most difficult challenge of an entrepreneur, especially when you have a lot of budget constraints and limitations such as human resources. How can one generate more clients with just a few resources? Fortunately not all is lost. In the last few years digital marketing has evolved into an even more meaningful business. You can get your audience attention without having to spend a fortune.

Be active on social media

If you are reading any type of literature about the 21st century marketing, you probably would have guessed network such as Facebook and Twitter have exploded to become the most popular, digital medium across the globe. In fact, everyone almost spend a few hours everyday in our favourite social media networks.

The beauty of social media networks for small businesses is very simple. It’s free. Anyone can set up a business account and start engaging with organic marketing without spending a dime. That you need is quality time and the understanding of the type of content your audience wants to see

Strategy of causes key to success

Follow the 20 by 20 rule. Only 20% of the content that you shared should be promotional. The rest of the content needs to be relevant to your potential followers. The key to posting useful content that your audience is likely to engage with is building an audience to promote your business uniquely, and effectively on social media.

Leverage your existing customers

Potential customers are nothing more than hearing from there peers. As much as you can tell about the benefits of the products, they won’t believe until your previous client has concurred with. Leverage your existing customers to both inexpensive and crucial small business marketing success. A recent survey, has found 88% of the consumers trust online reviews from perhaps unknown strangers much to the personal Recommendation of friends. This is perhaps shocking. But testimonials from unknown strangers, be enough for $1 or perhaps even lesser worthy products.

Branding, Brand Name

It takes a serious person to understand what it is about branding. Think twice. Mentions spending millions on owning a single brand name. If you want to grow your business, you first need a build brand that is identifiable, and Suites every generation of consumers. In today’s world customers are looking for real connection with the business we support, And they want to know if the forms of like the values and the vision of each others. The businesses that are able to false that connection and bill solid brands are the ones that will succeed, while the less branded companies will fall by the wayside.

Making your Global brand

Is everything with the world revolves around businesses, the best way what doing is, to learn from all this great leaders, how to build a quality brand and a compelling brand narrative. Understanding audience demographics is the key. Until you know your customers, nothing else matters. Leaders know that a customer is a key to everything they do. And branding is all about developing a great relationship with the people who buy their products. Any given marketing team, works hard to understand the needs of the clients who need creative branding.

What’s your story, kid?

The best the best marketers are the ones who can anticipate customers based on things like demographic profiles, survey data and business intelligence the brand should present a consistent image. Consistent branding is essential, that successful business leadership know all too well. Businesses customers should not be confused when they look at the various online and offline marketing campaigns, the company claims to be.

There should be absolutely no disparity between what you sell, and what you market. A brand should tell its own unique story. Most successful business owners no building a great brand telling a compelling story. Look back how far you have come, look back where you have started, connect the dots and tell the naked truth, that will engage your audience. Should build the story you tell. Any brand should project and air of confidence and competence. Telling a great Grand narrative may not be as difficult as you think. But always stick to the truth.

Things to consider before hiring a PR firm

.. Very recently, I hired a PR firm, which did not lead much results, even after I took it to paying the top dollar premium package. Quite saddening, but honest truth. Finding a public relations form for your company can be very difficult, especially since there are countless places that completely object to the idea of a small business hiring a PR firm. A PR firm magically give your company this sales, the attention that you want, but that doesn’t mean it won’t help at all. If you have decided to hire a pair from things you need to find out.,

Cheap is not the best

Many business leaders will tell you that PR firm is a waste of money. What time is money and doing everything single-handedly can end up costing you precious time. That could be otherwise spent in doing something more important. You could hire in house consultants, but you may not get the results that you desire

Have a ballpark on how much you are willing to spend for PR. The more money you put into it the more money you hope to get back from it. If your PR firm helps you become wildly successful. Then your budget isn’t something you really need to worry about. But it is best to stay on the safe side.

Are you using inbound marketing in an effort to increase sales?

Do you wish where where is in which you could turbocharge your story telling and significantly increase your content outreach? The good news is this! By adding one component stories you can instantly go from zero to the top. And the secret ingredient none other than, using data visualisations.

Analytics and data visualisation turn data into charts and graphs that can be embedded into blog post, which can be sad in the social media profiles, sent to others for easy embedding. When you create a data visualisation and include a code for embedding, you greatly increase the chances that others will share the data with their followers. If you have to include data visualisations in your content marketing strategy, you should highlight your company’s unique research every visualisation.