How IT Professionals Need to Keep Up with the Times

The IT industry is one of the fastest-moving enterprises on the planet, with an ever-growing web of certifications and credentials that cover ever-more complicated operating systems and hardware architecture. IT employees are constantly assessed and reassessed on their skills as well as their knowledge base. Whether it is the prevalence of ever-shrinking mobile devices, constantly-updated software, or cloud computing taking over local systems, it can be tough to keep up.

Like it or not, continuous professional development and lifetime learning is what every IT professional has signed up for when they first get their foot In the door. The skills and core competencies of last year may be the same as this year, but they are very unlikely to stay the same in the years to come. Keeping up with the trends of the industry requires much more than just reading the trades every so often.

Learning and development will often have to take place in off-work hours when you would rather be enjoying your free time. While IT positions are often problem-solving careers that are kept busy by things going wrong, one of the most important qualities required of the position is a commitment to constant innovation. Keeping up with the speed of innovation can take many forms,but here are a few suggestions that might help to keep skills sharp:

  • Joining a committee or industry forum
  • Doing independent research on the cutting edge of the industry
  • Pursuing academic study or continuing education opportunities
  • Keeping up with the joblessness in IT isn’t easy, but it is possible.

An IT Professional who takes the time to expand their horizons a little each day by learning something new will soon find that they are the one who everyone else comes to when it seems like the landscape is shifting beneath their feet. If you are looking to upskill your SAP career, join SAPVARSITY.

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… From few skills to many skills with ease and comfort.

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There are no boring books used in dynamic SAP online classroom to get you off the track from studying. Plus, each interactive SAP online class is so lively, that you are guarenteed to look forward to your learning time within an exceptional SAP online class.

Learners get to view their online SAP training class instructor in real time, so that it is not hard to get bored. Moreover, you also see full whiteboard displays for each SAP online live training session even though you are in remote location.

You can also chat in real time with the instructor during SAP learning. This newly released online class could be exactly what you are looking for when you think about educational opportunities. Similarly, most of the certification tutorials, training is an entry-level course that is designed for individuals with little or no technical background.

SAP certification is vendor neutral, so it benefits anyone who completes his online SAP training class and is able to pass the exam. To jumpstart a successful career, consider the many benefits of an intruging and fulfilling online class and SAP training courses online.

Since a small number of students are enrolled in each innovative SAP online live training session, the cancellation rate is relatively low at only 10%. One of the most advantageous reasons to take up an engaging SAP online class is that there aren’t any travel expenses or dilemmas you need to worry about. You will attend the fully packed SAP online class from the convinience of your office or home, and never need to get behind the wheel of a car.

Summary: Discover success through skills and knowledge taught in an interactive SAP online class. From few skills to many skills with ease and comfort.

Let’s talk about ventures… Shall we? Quick… Quicker… Quikr

Writing all about SAP, talking all about SAP, and breathing all about one sector is infact quite boring. Let’s talk about ventures… Shall we? I started a little read on few enterprises that are carefully phasing for more seeds of rounds.

Many tend to look at the average startup environment as network, which is comfortable and implies a sense of order that creates a well-defined hierarchy. At the bottom would be those companies that are designed chiefly to bolster those that are meant to ascend to greater heights. In accordance with how successful each company becomes the pyramidal structure continually narrows as it ascends. Eventually it is seen to culminate at its apex with those few companies that are considered to be worth well over a billion dollars unicorn startups.

Quikr has rapidly become its own entity after being founded in 2008 by Pranay Chulet and Jiby Thomas. It is essentially the same type of site as Craiglist, which admittedly inspired the site to begin with. At the current date Quikr is estimated to be worth roughly $1.3 billion dollars, settling it easily upon the top tier of businesses that have achieved such greatness. To Chulet, who had been working with U.S. prior to founding Quikr, the idea simply made sense. Very similar to the effect felt in America by Craiglist, Quikr offered the vast number of people in India a chance to put aside their newspapers and stacks of classified ads in favor of a much easier and more extensive platform from which to buy and sell goods.

Continuing in the same model as Craigslist, Quikr also offers the chance for many smaller companies and enterprises to market their goods and form lasting connections with their customers, making it far easier to gain the needed exposure for their brands. Such methods as Justdial were already present before Quikr came about, but their progress was quite slow and not as reliable. They were still geared towards replacing bulky and largely unused newspapers, but they were still equally as slow and unreliable in some cases, requiring a great deal of effort on the part of the buyers.

Revenue Loss %
Flipkart 17930 5769 67.82487
Snapdeal 1457 3316 -127.591
PayTM 869 1534 -76.5247
ShopClues 179 383 -113.966
Quikr 95 534 -462.105
Zivame 65 54 16.92308


Despite this, Justdial is still a large competitor for Quikr, largely because Quikr is an optimistic service that has not yet gained any true roots within Indian culture. It’s worth is estimated, and not yet assured. Despite this, current changes in how the platform is run have shown that Quikr still possesses a great deal of promise. While the site cannot fully emulate the many different functions of Craigslist or display its versatility, it has been reconditioned in order to better serve the public that it has been designed to help.

Quikr still has a ways to go before it can be considered a true comparison to the site that inspired its creation. However, by taking a different tactic and employing a more vertical mode of business rather than the horizontal method that Craigslist employs, the site and its founders hope to eventually create a more steady base from which to continue their ascent to the top of their industry.

P.S. In no way, am I promoting Quikr. I am 100% sure it has a repute for its annoying ways to call up clients in the middle of the lunch or at a hospital at-least 20 times a day and demand us take the service. Read between the lines my friends. One word for investors – Avoid.

Growing 10x? Why you need an effective supply backbone!

As companies grow and expand finding ways to make sure everything is coordinated and runs smoother becomes more and more difficult. There are so many different integral parts to make a company run smoothly. Essentially, supply chain management is how things get from A to B. This includes keeping track of the the inventory, making sure it is stored correctly and most certainly that it gets to the consumer. Since so many of the major companies are multinational and rely on complex networks keeping this flow continual as technology evolves can become more challenging even as technology strives to better itself daily. Recalls are one thing that any company dreads. SCM can ensure that these have less of a chance of happening so long as the systems are well in place. Supply chain managers have to consistently stave off headaches. They have to continually worry that their customers think they are top notch. Cost is another huge factor. Fuel fluctuates almost daily and they are responsible for making sure that these costs don’t skyrocket product prices. In every company there is a tremendous amount of risk; implementing correct SCM practices can help to alleviate the vast majority of these. Companies are also only as good as their weakest link. If a Supply Chain manager is not well skilled in how to make things run smoothly they can do more damage and have little to no success. The internal ability is only part of the battle. Because there are also suppliers involved everyone has to strive to make sure they are on the same page. Despite the great amount of pressure to implement good practices; its not as difficult as it might look. As long as everyone stays on top of inventory, makes sure the quality of the product is consistent, and that they are on the same pages as the suppliers they can avoid many of the conflicts and pitfalls that can be a part of Supply Chain Management.

Top Five Opportunities with Data ― The new Oil

As the world has entered an era of a massive explosion in data production, it is time to figure out ways of using it in a profitable way. This available information can help in making revenue through several ways, from prudent decision making to strategy execution and many other applicable tactics. Here are few of these ways.

1. Extracting satellite images
One way in which data has proved essential in generating revenue is by use of technology in extracting information from images for analytics. This has by far helped in developing satellite images for big retailers and home depots’ parking lots, as well as helping in high profile businesses like mining and agriculture. Read more.

2. Making precise decisions
Data is also useful in managing decisions by enterprises, where data-set can suffice in predicting performance of an individual entertainment program before presenting it to consumers. This helps in deciding on whether or not to proceed, and tactics has already proved feasible. With aid of available data, organizations can make moves boldly and achieve success, which could otherwise take a longer time to realize.

3. Safety and health
Another opportunity to turn data into revenue is evident in observing safety and health, where organizations can use data to predict outcomes and help in decision-making for safety operation. With use of data for insights on health and security, organizations can meet legal and regulations. This can enable them to continue operations smoothly, hence advancing their revenue income consistently.

4. Developing customer experience
If organizations can approach data in a prudent way aimed at developing their customer experience, they can be able to widen their customer scope, giving them high revenue generation. Enabling technologies and frameworks, maximizing correlations and other aspects that are concerned with self-discovery, which can be very handy in this perspective can be very useful as well.

5. Using the Big Data
Such aspects as business value can be realized from Big Data if at all organizations can address apparent mismatch in the operations of IT and business teams. This advance can help in personalization, customer satisfaction, and other related aspects, all leading to higher revenue creation. Interested in learning all about how SAP can be used for your BigData projects? Take a course.

There is a lot to be achieved from data as far as income is concerned. It is all about best approach to every step. organizations, business, and every other concerned party need to take advantage of available data.

Failed project? How you view the outcome matters.

Not only do organization leaders deem the necessity to see the forest for camp-fires yet they likewise see where there are “problem areas” and potential flames can spring up. One must exercise caution before making changes, and see how well the whole landscape can fits together. In an recent event, a systems integrator described his SAP project as likewise: “We are sitting on a time bomb. We never know when it will explode!” And, any transport request, changes are taken with much care and attention. It is safe to say that anyone is accountable for following that inside your association? Its perspective that matters for any project. They say when you sit down with a bunch of obese people, you have a slight tendency to over-eat at dinner, and vice-versa. So is fear, paranoia, anxiety and everything negative in our lives. It just spreads like wild-fire. Don’t worry if there are too many bugs you can’t fix. Don’t worry if there are unsolvable production problems. Don’t worry if the process is not followed. We live in a world of imperfection. And, it is our necessity to accept those little imperfections in life and move on. If a project is called a failure, think of one thing – Failure is unfinished success. Move on. Do you have administration and governance mechanisms set up for both before and after SAP implementation? If there are too many problems in your project, remember we all have limited time in our lives to be bogged with others problems. If your life is kept too pre-occupied with other’s problems, what about yours? Now you know what’s eating you, don’t you? Every vision turns into reality with a single decision triggering a single action. If you are interested learning a little about project management from the experts, check few courses by top industry product experts who have worked on several F100 companies on effective project management. LearnSAP24x7 is affiliate partner of SAPVarsity. Subscribe to our blog. Keep us posted about your project happenings, and give us a chance to help you guide. As a registered subscriber, earn discounts on selected courses on the partner website, and feel free to post your opinions and comments.