Tech for your Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing helps brands reach audiences through non-traditional, innovative marketing. However, what tools should marketers use find influencers? Here’s few technologies to Help You in Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing occurs when marketers utilize leading individuals within a niche to promote their company, brand or product. Typically, influencers work via social media and blogs, though they can also be journalists, podcasters or vloggers. Currently, influencer marketing is booming. By the end of 2016, reports from the marketing firm KEYSOME, found that the budget for influencer marketing matched the budget of traditional TV marketing, making influencer marketing one of the key areas for investment amongst companies.

In fact, according to one survey from Forbes, over 75% of marketers have openly discussed using influencers in their campaigns. Many of these marketers were from major brands and candidly discussed how using influencers via social media platforms had led to boosts in their sales. Some reports estimate that for every $1 spent, influencers brought back nearly $7 in returns. In the food industry, this figure rose to as high as $1.
So, with such a booming market, what technologies are available to help marketers harness the power of influencer marketing? Here they are.

Muck Rack

Muckrack helps marketers find journalists and bloggers who can act as influencers for their brand. The paid version of the software offers a showcase of an influencer’s work and includes an alert system to marketers when potentially useful new influencers begin using the platform.


Musefind is one of the best influencer search and analysis platforms available to marketers. It helps determine the best prices for hiring influencers based on Musefind’s own dynamic algorithm. It is used by many entities from Google to Oreo. This is a great piece of software, offering marketers an unrivaled dynamic and evolving database of prospective influencers. Try it via its free trial offer.


Hogs might feel a little outdated, but they still have vast influencer power.


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